A proud Republican taking on Liberal Democrat Elijah Cummings

Meet Richmond Davis

A long time resident of Howard County, Davis takes pride in his community activites, ranging from his work as a Columbia attorney, member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, as well as a volunteer high school sports coach. He is a committed Republican dedicated to its traditional principles of limited government, lower taxes and a strong America. He is married and the father of three wonderful children and the grandfather of a smart, cute and funny grandson.




How Left Wing Is Elijah Cummings?

Elijah Cummings, in Congress since 1996, has developed a reputation as being a very liberal Democrat. But a review of his voting record suggests that the 7th District’s representative is worse than that.

Census Citizenship Question

Cummings Is Wrong To Oppose Census Citizenship Question

Campaign Objectives

With few exceptions, serious candidates run for elective office – from “dog catcher” to President – with the expectation that the prospects of winning are substantial.

Elijah Cummings – What Does He Do For the 7th District?

In 1996, Elijah Cummings won a special election to succeed Kweisi Mfume as the Congressman for the heavily gerrymandered 7th Congressional District in Maryland.

Euphemisms For “Illegal Immigrants”

Why Does the Liberal Media Use Euphemisms For “Illegal Immigrants”?

The 2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment Protects More Than “Hunting Rights”

School Security

What’s the Worth of a Child’s Life?

Term Limits

Elijah Cummings is Exhibit #1 in the Case for Term Limits

My Strategy for Success

I have two essential campaign objectives:

Elijah Cummings

Cummings “Deserves” a Serious Challenger


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