Campaign Objectives

With few exceptions, serious candidates run for elective office – from “dog catcher” to President – with the expectation that the prospects of winning are substantial.

[Those running for reasons of vanity or building name identity alone in the community do not qualify.]

My campaign is one of those exceptions. While my campaign is serious indeed (I do not propose to spend my time and money or that of my supporters on a lark), I recognize that registered Democrats far outnumber Republicans in the 7th Congressional District.

So, to be sure, I know that while I might win (like longshots at the horseraces) realistic prospects are not high.

So what other reasons do I have for running?

Very simple. I will promote the Republican Party and its conservative values.

I am a Proud Republican and want to tell a broad audience why. Consider me as a GOP evangelist.

7th District voters haven’t seen a serious Republican Congressional candidate for many, many years. That’s hardly a surprise given the daunting Democratic Party advantage. Prospective GOP candidates desiring a substantial chance of victory will run elsewhere.

But I live here. I want to make a difference. I want to brighten the future of Republicans in Maryland.

I know how to talk to people, to persuade, to attract an attentive audience.

For forty years, I’ve been an active attorney in our state. And for most of that time, I’ve been a trial attorney using my public speaking and communication skills.

I will put them to use in the campaign.

My voice may be isolated at times, but I will not be intimidated. I will speak the truth in the face of opposition from the Baltimore Sun and the minions of Elijah Cummings.

7th District constituents deserve a Congressman dedicated to Republican principles of limited government, lower taxes, a well-educated populace and a commitment to a strong America.

And I will explain why.

If you would like to help me do so, please contribute today. Thank you.

MDGOP Candidate