Has Cummings Given Up on Baltimore City?

When Elijah Cummings was first elected to Congress in 1996, he was a forty-five year old state legislator who had already spent twelve years in Maryland’s House of Delegates.

In his early years in Congress, his self-declared focus was on education, crime and health care.

But now he seems to delight in being featured on liberal TV outlets blasting national Republicans in his role as ranking minority leader of the House of Representatives Government Oversight Committee.

So what happened to the objects of his early career focus?

Education?  2017 testing revealed that Baltimore City students scored near the bottom in reading and math in comparison to children in other American cities and urban areas.

Crime?  New homicide records seem to be an annual event.

Yet by the Congressman’s own refocus, these Baltimore City disgraces apparently no longer warrant his attention.  After all, the media’s adulation strokes his ego.  Dealing with the failures in his district is bad for his morale.

Healthcare?  Obamacare is too moderate for him – he backs socialized medicine.

The real problems of his Congressional District?  Ignore them.

The lengthy career of Elijah Cummings is Exhibit A in the case for term limits.

Bluntly put, Baltimore City needs a Congressman - and an entirely new political leadership – which will reject the liberal policies which have made such a mess of the place.

MDGOP Candidate