Elijah Cummings

Cummings “Deserves” a Serious Challenger

I intend to be that challenger.

Elijah Cummings, in Congress for over twenty years, has not had a solid opponent in recent times. That’s not a surprise. The 7th District was gerrymandered by Annapolis Democrats to be a “safe seat” with a heavy concentration of voters in inner city Baltimore. That fact has discouraged credible GOP opposition since party registration so heavily favors Democrats.

That reality has not been good for the Congressman’s constituents. Cummings consistently votes against the interests of his Baltimore City supporters by helping the liberal agenda in Washington (opposing charter schools and strong defense, and backing increased welfare dependency). As for his Baltimore and Howard County constituents, Cummings is a phantom. He almost never shows his face. (Why should he? He doesn’t need their votes to be re-elected.)

My campaign aims to force him out of his complacency. I hope you’ll support me by volunteering and making a contribution.

Thank you.

MDGOP Candidate