Generosity – Another Reason to Be A Proud Republican

I am a proud Republican because I believe our support for limited government, lower taxes, individual responsibility and a strong military are best for America.

But I am a Proud Republican also because of the generous nature of fellow GOPers. According to a compilation of IRS statistics and various polling data by the Almanac of American Philanthropy, America is the most “giving” nation on earth and generosity toward one’s fellow man is more likely to be found among Republicans and conservatives than Democrats and liberals.

Interestingly, after adjusting for income, the most generous citizens by state correlated very closely with the support received by the Republican candidate in the 2012 election. Of the top ten most generous states, nine voted for Mitt Romney. Of the least generous state populations, the list was headed by the staunchly Democratic-voting New England.

[Among the fifty largest U.S. cities rated similarly, liberal strongholds San Francisco and Boston were on the bottom.]

On a personal level, among Americans making charitable donations, 31% of Republicans gave $1000 or more whereas only 17% of Democratic givers did the same.

Further, among self-described conservatives and liberals, those on the right, on an individual basis, made contributions that were 30% higher than those on the left.

Plainly, there is much truth in the following: Republicans and conservatives are generous with their own money. Democrats and liberals would rather spend someone else’s money “to do good”.

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