Budgetary common sense

We should not spend what we don't have. Government's role does not include making the country better, spare no expense. As individuals, we rarely can afford everything we want. Government should be no different. Establish priorities. Simply put, the world's not perfect and no amount of money will make it so. We do best when we spend what we can afford. Because something is desirable does not make it a necessity. Problem solving should first focus on the private sector - the engine for growth.

There are two ways to bring the budget in balance: increase revenue and/or control spending. Liberals prefer increased taxes as the only viable political option of hiking revenues. They certainly abhor the idea of putting a cap on expenditures. Of course, spending, when liberal Democrats are in control, always seems to outrun intake as the budget deficit merely grows larger.

The Republican view - put into practice by Ronald Reagan thirty-five years ago - pursue tax policies which foster economic growth. That, in turn, increases the tax base (adding to government revenues) while reducing the need for government welfare payments (more jobs available). Thus, revenue goes up and expenditures go down. Everyone is a winner, the Republican way.

MDGOP Candidate