Lower Taxes

The purpose of limited government is to use the public's money for what is needed and can be afforded consistent with the U.S. Constitution. The power to tax should not be used to fund the desires of Washington bureaucrats.

Unfortunately, when tax reform/reduction is seriously proposed, the public is inundated with warnings and scare tactics from the liberal media. The claim is that lower taxes will result in either reduced spending which hurts people/or increased budget deficits. Leave aside the argument that lowering the tax burden will stimulate the economy. Taxation, in a very basic sense, is the government act of taking money from some and giving it to others.

Liberals focus on the benefits given to recipients and not at all on the harm and economic disincentives incurred by those taxed to support the benefits. ("The rich should pay more.") This is not a hard-hearted perspective, but rather a fair appraisal of our welfare state. Certainly, something is seriously wrong when, for instance, the budget for food stamps (SNAP) increased by nearly 90% between 2009 and 2016 (Obama years)! The U.S. population rose 7% during the same period.

MDGOP Candidate