How Left Wing Is Elijah Cummings?

Elijah Cummings, in Congress since 1996, has developed a reputation as being a very liberal Democrat. But a review of his voting record suggests that the 7th District’s representative is worse than that.

To put Cummings’ legislative performance into perspective, below are side-by-side comparisons of the Baltimore Congressman’s voting record and that of far-leftist Nancy Pelosi:


Planned Parenthood (pro-abortion)

Cummings 100%

Pelosi 100%

FreedomWorks (economic liberty)

Cummings 10%

Pelosi 15%

Numbers USA (control immigration)

Cummings 4%

Pelosi 6%

Americans for Prosperity (pro-business)

Cummings 0%

Pelosi 2%


Cummings 88%

Pelosi 100%


This is a sample of conservative and liberal ratings. Can there be any doubt that Elijah Cummings, like Nancy Pelosi, is a far leftist?

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