My Strategy for Success

I have two essential campaign objectives:

First, win the primary set for June 26.

Second, lay the groundwork necessary for a general election campaign that reaches the maximum number of 7th District voters. I will promote traditional Republican values of limited government, lower taxes, individual responsibility and a strong national defense.


Winning the Primary

I have three primary opponents as of now (the cut-off date for filing is February 27). None appears inclined to run an active campaign. No matter. I will run as hard as time and finances allow me.

I will take advantage of speaking opportunities in the community and do my best to broaden my name identity in the Congressional District through the use of volunteers, advertising and media exposure.

In that respect, the campaign will be focused on getting the most votes. The key will be getting publicity for my name, not policy.

I will put in the time and, with sufficient support, the money necessary to win the primary.

But I plan on doing much more than that. I want – and need- to to win big. That will help persuade Political Action Committees (PACs) and potential contributors outside the district of the seriousness of our campaign and our potential to have an impact in the General Election race.


Campaign General Election Focus

I will be seeking all possible outlets to broadcast the Republican message – Service club appearances, issue forums, debate encounters, media interviews (press, radio and TV) and any other available opportunity to promote the GOP and its values.

I intend to take full advantage of my professional speaking and communication skills in these efforts.

But to do more, I will need help. If you’d like to support my campaign, please volunteer and/or contribute. Thank you.


MDGOP Candidate