Term Limits

Elijah Cummings is Exhibit #1 in the Case for Term Limits

Congressman Elijah Cummings has been on Capitol Hill since 1996. Has his presence helped anyone besides himself and his cronies? Are 7th District voters (including those in western Baltimore City, western Howard County and much of Baltimore County) better off because he is their representative?

Finding the answer tohow is not easy.

The reality is that Elijah Cummings occupies a seat in Congress that was purposely set aside for a liberal Democrat. The 7th is a blatantly gerrymandered District with Democratic Party registration so high that any Republican opponent is a decided longshot.

As a practical matter, unless Cummings switches Party registration [is it too late for him to see the bankruptcy of liberalism?], his election every two years in November is assured. (But maybe this is the year for a shocking surprise!)

From a policy perspective, term limits may be the only way to deal with seat-warmers like Elijah Cummings.

Let the politicians serve eight or ten years, then toss ‘em out. Where did the idea come from that serving in Congress was meant to be a life-long career?

MDGOP Candidate