The Left

The Left “Wrongs” America

It’s hard to escape the conclusion that the Left’s campaign for illegal immigration is a slander on America.

Is that an overstatement?


- Illegal immigrants are termed “undocumented”, as if the difference between those who enter lawfully and those who do not is merely a matter of missing paperwork.

- A caravan of buses originating in Hondurus travels north through Mexico, carrying passengers seeking asylum in the United States from the violence in their home country. That offered by the Mexican government is spurned. Yet CNN, etc., bemoan efforts to slow or stymie their efforts to enter the U.S.

- Activities by American lawyers in advising would be border-crossers on what to say to immigration officials are favorably highlighted by the liberal media.

- The Left is, in effect, accusing America of being uncaring, callous and contemptuous of foreigners. That’s a lie.

- The U.S. admits over one million immigrants each year who have complied with our laws.

- America, in its compassion toward foreigners, is more generous than most of the world.

America is indeed a compassionate, caring and generous country. And the above facts prove it is slanderous to charge or suggest otherwise.

But most Americans are also law-abiding and resent, and are angered by, those who are not. We are a people raised, in general, to be fair and considerate. And we do not approve of people cutting in front of those waiting “in line” to enter our great land.

Further, America wants new residents to come for the right reasons. We welcome those attracted by our open society, religious tolerance, love of individual freedom and who possess the desire to adjust to our culture and mores. Those who come merely to continue their “old ways” in a new setting are not appreciated.

After all, America is a unique land. We are not populated largely by people of the same ethnic, racial or tribal backgrounds. Rather, our nation is founded on ideas. Thus, we have an expectation – a right to demand – that those who settle here share that commitment.

The standard for admission into any sovereign nation is not merely that people want to enter; it is also that the citizens want them to.

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